When an investigation is required, you need to make sure it’s done right. 

Workplace investigations can be crucial to the successful resolution of a complaint or the defence of a legal claim against your business.

The following are the main reasons why investigations become necessary:

  • Employee misconduct;

  • Grievances, including allegations of discrimination, bullying or harassment;

  • Whistleblowing complaints;

  • Team conflict; and

  • Regulatory action – for example from the Charity Commission.

Outsourcing an investigation can have several advantages:

  • Independence. An Employment Tribunal will, for example, want to be satisfied that an investigation which led to an employee’s dismissal was conducted impartially and objectively. The presence of an independent investigator is also often welcomed by a complainant or regulator as it offers reassurance that the complaint is being taken seriously and will be considered by a neutral party.

  • It frees up your time. An investigation, if done properly, is time consuming and it can be all too easy to cut corners when you have a thousand other things to do.

  • You will have the confidence of knowing that the investigation is being conducted by an expert who is experienced in interviewing techniques and compiling an investigation report that is robust, commercially focussed and legally sound.

  • An independent investigator can also help you identify weaknesses in your business and make recommendations for change. Often a complaint which requires investigation can reveal an underlying problem (e.g. an ineffective manager or poor procedure).

Why choose Bond Legal as your independent investigator?

  • We have many years’ experience of conducting investigations into complex, sensitive, and often business critical issues;

  • We will undertake a robust and thorough investigation and provide you will a detailed report with carefully reasoned findings and, if required, recommendations for further action; and

  • Fair and transparent pricing.​